4 manuals and pedal - 55 stops Organ

           Fond du Lac Learning Center

           (the former St. Patrick's Church)

             Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


New organs under construction, available for sale:

      Two-stop Practice Organs (third series)

          [two partially constructed instruments

            remain available for prompt delivery]


Wahl Organbuilders has published several books

documenting the design and construction of

our instruments.

You can preview the first fifteen pages or purchase

the book .   Go to the publisher's site.



Used organs available for restoration:     


     c. 1890 Vogelpohl & Spaeth

          Four-stop One-manual Organ

     1860 Henry  Erben                                          

          Six-stop One-manual Organ

Employment opportunity :    

     Seeking experienced Cabinetmaker

     Organbuilding experience a plus